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A Worthy Woman
A Worthy WomanMay 12, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Identity In Christ
Identity In ChristApril 28, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Plain Talk About Sin
Plain Talk About SinApril 21, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Walking In Son Light
Walking In Son LightApril 14, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Relentless Pursuit
Relentless PursuitApril 07, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Cross & The Tomb
The Cross & The TombMarch 31, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
When Jesus Comes To Dinner
When Jesus Comes To DinnerMarch 24, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
War On Truth
War On TruthMarch 17, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Bringing The Best: Heart Matters
Bringing The Best: Heart MattersMarch 10, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Spiritual Or Worldly?
Spiritual Or Worldly?March 03, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Love One Another
Love One AnotherFebruary 25, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Here To Stay
Here To StayFebruary 18, 2024byDon TruexWatch/Listen
A Dress Code For Disciples
A Dress Code For DisciplesFebruary 11, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Is My Love Complete?
Is My Love Complete?January 28, 2024byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
4 x 24
4 x 24December 31, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
A Sweet Story
A Sweet StoryDecember 24, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Don't Neglect The Gift
Don't Neglect The GiftDecember 17, 2023byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
Color Me Happy
Color Me HappyDecember 03, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Ones Behind The Door
The Ones Behind The DoorNovember 26, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Heaven's Opus
Heaven's OpusNovember 19, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Blessing Of Suffering
The Blessing Of SufferingNovember 12, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
God & The Two Israels
God & The Two IsraelsOctober 29, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
A Heart Like God's
A Heart Like God'sOctober 22, 2023byJason DickeyWatch/Listen
Heart & Soul Of Christianity
Heart & Soul Of ChristianityOctober 15, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
By This All Men Will Know
By This All Men Will KnowOctober 08, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Church Membership
The Church MembershipOctober 01, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Fear God and Keep His Commandments
Fear God and Keep His CommandmentsSeptember 13, 2023byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
Will He Find Faith?
Will He Find Faith?September 13, 2023byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
Seventy Times Seven
Seventy Times SevenSeptember 12, 2023byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
Except God Be With Him
Except God Be With HimSeptember 11, 2023byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like...
The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like...September 11, 2023byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
A Living Sacrifice
A Living SacrificeSeptember 10, 2023byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
Sacrificial Instruction
Sacrificial InstructionSeptember 10, 2023byDee BowmanWatch/Listen
I Would Have Told You
I Would Have Told YouAugust 27, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Three Wise Men
Three Wise MenAugust 20, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
You Know It All
You Know It AllAugust 20, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
List Assist: K-16
List Assist: K-16August 06, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Trusting God With Marvelous Things
Trusting God With Marvelous ThingsJuly 30, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Wretched Man That I Am
Wretched Man That I AmJuly 23, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Recipe For Faith
Recipe For FaithJuly 16, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Building House Rules
Building House RulesJuly 12, 2023byJacob HudginsWatch/Listen
A Little Leaven
A Little LeavenJune 25, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Fighting Fire With Fire
Fighting Fire With FireJune 18, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Gods of Hills & Valleys
The Gods of Hills & Valleys June 14, 2023byJonathan DoeWatch/Listen
FWWS: A Precious Possession
FWWS: A Precious PossessionJune 11, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Lines in the Sand
Lines in the SandMay 21, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Thanks, Mom
Thanks, MomMay 14, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Do You See This Woman?
Do You See This Woman?May 07, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Brotherly Love
Brotherly LoveApril 16, 2023byKevin ClarkWatch/Listen
Raising Godly Kids
Raising Godly KidsApril 16, 2023byKevin ClarkWatch/Listen
Faith That Is Active
Faith That Is ActiveApril 14, 2023byKevin ClarkWatch/Listen
The Chase
The ChaseApril 09, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
FWWS: Great Expectations
FWWS: Great ExpectationsApril 02, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Practical Fellowship: Paul
Practical Fellowship: PaulMarch 26, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
FWWS: Family Reunion
FWWS: Family ReunionMarch 19, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
FWWS: See You at Church
FWWS: See You at ChurchMarch 12, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
FWWS: Christ Built a Church
FWWS: Christ Built a ChurchMarch 05, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
When All Is Said and Done
When All Is Said and DoneFebruary 26, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Practical Fellowship: Onesimus
Practical Fellowship: OnesimusFebruary 19, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
And Nothing But the Truth (3)
And Nothing But the Truth (3)February 12, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Choosing the Good Part
Choosing the Good PartFebruary 05, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
And Nothing But the Truth (2)
And Nothing But the Truth (2)February 05, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
And Nothing But the Truth
And Nothing But the TruthJanuary 29, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
FWWS: God Made the Family
FWWS: God Made the FamilyJanuary 22, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
A Church of Christ
A Church of ChristJanuary 08, 2023byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Finishing What Was Started
Finishing What Was StartedJanuary 01, 2023byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Gratitude Guards the Soul
Gratitude Guards the SoulNovember 27, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
For Who Depises the Day of Small Things
For Who Depises the Day of Small ThingsNovember 13, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Good Deeds - Barnabas
Good Deeds - BarnabasNovember 06, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
What a Day May Bring
What a Day May BringOctober 23, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
My Place in This Place
My Place in This PlaceOctober 16, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Truth About Sin
The Truth About SinOctober 02, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Till Death Do Us Part
Till Death Do Us PartSeptember 25, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Building a Day, Building a Life
Building a Day, Building a LifeSeptember 18, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Disciples & Newness of Life
Disciples & Newness of LifeSeptember 11, 2022byDaniel BroadwellWatch/Listen
Disciples & Social Media
Disciples & Social MediaSeptember 10, 2022byDaniel BroadwellWatch/Listen
Following Jesus to the Lost
Following Jesus to the LostSeptember 10, 2022byBen HallWatch/Listen
Authentic Discipleship
Authentic DiscipleshipSeptember 09, 2022byBen HallWatch/Listen
Moving Beyond "Meh"
Moving Beyond "Meh"August 21, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Two Letters From the Devil
Two Letters From the DevilAugust 14, 2022byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
Blind to Reality
Blind to RealityJuly 31, 2022byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
July End of Month Singing
July End of Month SingingJuly 27, 2022byJuly End of Month SingingWatch/Listen
CourageJuly 24, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Rules for Reading
Rules for ReadingJune 12, 2022byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
The Dwelling of God
The Dwelling of GodJune 05, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
How Have You Loved Us?
How Have You Loved Us?May 22, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Beating Hearts
Beating HeartsMay 15, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Gods of Hills & Valleys
The Gods of Hills & ValleysApril 24, 2022byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
From a Grave to a Garden
From a Grave to a GardenApril 17, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
2nd Generation Christian
2nd Generation ChristianMarch 27, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Can You Be Moved?
Can You Be Moved?March 13, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Do You Believe In Hell?
Do You Believe In Hell?February 27, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
I Am His & He Is Mine: I Am His Sheep
I Am His & He Is Mine: I Am His SheepFebruary 13, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Annual Lecture Singing 2022
Annual Lecture Singing 2022February 09, 2022byTodd Dennis & Alan SiedenstranWatch/Listen
When Legion Met Jesus
When Legion Met JesusFebruary 06, 2022byJason HardinWatch/Listen
Money and the Christian - 1
Money and the Christian - 1January 30, 2022byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Just Like Jesus - 1
Just Like Jesus - 1January 30, 2022byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Calves of Dan & Bethel
The Calves of Dan & BethelJanuary 30, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Take Time to be Holy
Take Time to be HolyJanuary 02, 2022byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Who Is Your Jesus?
Who Is Your Jesus?December 26, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
God's Greatest Gift
God's Greatest GiftDecember 19, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
It's Your Move
It's Your MoveDecember 12, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Rise & Build: An Agreement In Writing
Rise & Build: An Agreement In WritingDecember 05, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Learning Contentment
Learning ContentmentNovember 21, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Laid Low in the Wilderness
Laid Low in the WildernessNovember 07, 2021byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
Advantage: Yours
Advantage: YoursOctober 17, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Galilee or Jerusalem
Galilee or JerusalemOctober 03, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Strangers and Exiles
Strangers and ExilesSeptember 26, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Portraits of the Disciples - 14
Portraits of the Disciples - 14September 26, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Portraits of the Disciples - 13
Portraits of the Disciples - 13September 19, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Helped By Grace
Helped By GraceSeptember 15, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
A Hope Worth Maintaining
A Hope Worth MaintainingSeptember 15, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
A Prayer Worth Living
A Prayer Worth LivingSeptember 14, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
Growing In Grace
Growing In GraceSeptember 14, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
Building the Bridge
Building the BridgeSeptember 13, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
A Balance Worth Keeping
A Balance Worth KeepingSeptember 13, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
The Starting Place
The Starting PlaceSeptember 12, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
Grace Isn't Cheap
Grace Isn't CheapSeptember 12, 2021byJordan ShouseWatch/Listen
Portraits of the Disciples - 12
Portraits of the Disciples - 12September 08, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Defense Wins Championships
Defense Wins ChampionshipsSeptember 05, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Portraits of the Disciples - 11
Portraits of the Disciples - 11September 05, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Portraits of the Disciples - 10
Portraits of the Disciples - 10September 01, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Not for Immorality, But for the Lord
Not for Immorality, But for the LordAugust 29, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Leaning Toward the Son
Leaning Toward the SonAugust 15, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Fresh Start
Fresh StartAugust 15, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Verbum Non Grata
Verbum Non GrataAugust 08, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Giving Our Kids Back to God
Giving Our Kids Back to GodAugust 01, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
July Singing
July SingingJuly 28, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Summer Series - Jeff Himmel
Summer Series - Jeff HimmelJuly 21, 2021byJeff HimmelWatch/Listen
When God Is Silent
When God Is SilentJuly 18, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Rise & Build: Do Not Be Afraid
Rise & Build: Do Not Be AfraidJuly 11, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Heaven Built By Christ
Heaven Built By ChristJuly 04, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Wednesday Night Singing
Wednesday Night SingingJune 30, 2021byJim HarbaughWatch/Listen
The Forgotten Command
The Forgotten CommandJune 27, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Our Father's Day
Our Father's DayJune 20, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Biblical Worldview
Biblical WorldviewJune 13, 2021byMax DawsonWatch/Listen
Stand Up! For Others
Stand Up! For OthersJune 09, 2021byPhil RobertsonWatch/Listen
Who Is A Christian?
Who Is A Christian?June 06, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
How to Handle the Word of God
How to Handle the Word of GodMay 23, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Wrinkled Church
Wrinkled ChurchMay 23, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Get Up!
Get Up!May 09, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Who Cares
Who CaresMay 09, 2021byCraig BeanWatch/Listen
I'll Be There for You
I'll Be There for YouMay 09, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
GraceMay 02, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Value of a Soul
The Value of a SoulMay 02, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Rise & Build: The Work We Mind
Rise & Build: The Work We MindApril 25, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Serving In Every Season
Serving In Every SeasonApril 18, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
In the Trenches
In the TrenchesApril 11, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Stamp of Approval
Stamp of ApprovalApril 11, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Hope of Resurrection
The Hope of ResurrectionApril 04, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Called to Serve
Called to ServeMarch 28, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Smiling at the Future
Smiling at the FutureMarch 21, 2021byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Fear of the Lord
The Fear of the LordMarch 14, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The God Who Cancels Debt
The God Who Cancels DebtMarch 07, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Rise & Build: Clearing the Rubble
Rise & Build: Clearing the RubbleFebruary 21, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Staying Sober
Staying SoberFebruary 14, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Acting Sheepish
Acting SheepishFebruary 07, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Wrestling With God
Wrestling With GodJanuary 31, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Like Christ
Like ChristJanuary 24, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 13
Practical Christianity - 13January 24, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 12
Practical Christianity - 12January 17, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Rise & Build
Rise & BuildJanuary 03, 2021byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 10
Practical Christianity - 10January 03, 2021byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Grateful, Thankful, Blessed
Grateful, Thankful, BlessedDecember 29, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
What If
What IfDecember 27, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 9
Practical Christianity - 9December 27, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
God Follows Through
God Follows ThroughDecember 27, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
A Thief's Redemption
A Thief's RedemptionDecember 20, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
2020 Vision: I See What I See
2020 Vision: I See What I SeeDecember 20, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 8
Practical Christianity - 8December 20, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 7
Practical Christianity - 7December 13, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
The Righteous Live By Faith
The Righteous Live By FaithDecember 13, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 6
Practical Christianity - 6December 06, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Why I Believe In the God of the Bible
Why I Believe In the God of the BibleDecember 06, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Careful What You Wish For
Careful What You Wish ForDecember 06, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 5
Practical Christianity - 5November 29, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Galatians: Liberty in Christ - 3
Galatians: Liberty in Christ - 3November 25, 2020byBrandon NicholsWatch/Listen
A Reward Right Now
A Reward Right NowNovember 22, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Galatians: Liberty in Christ - 2
Galatians: Liberty in Christ - 2November 18, 2020byBrandon NicholsWatch/Listen
Mob Mentality
Mob MentalityNovember 15, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Light Years
Light YearsNovember 15, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 3
Practical Christianity - 3November 15, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
In the Midst of Suffering
In the Midst of SufferingNovember 08, 2020byCarson CrowWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 2
Practical Christianity - 2November 08, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
Galatians: Liberty in Christ - 1
Galatians: Liberty in Christ - 1November 04, 2020byBrandon NicholsWatch/Listen
Are You Ready?
Are You Ready?November 01, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Practical Christianity - 1
Practical Christianity - 1November 01, 2020byTodd SnappWatch/Listen
The First Tuesday in November
The First Tuesday in NovemberNovember 01, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 12
Unity Through Christ - 12October 28, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
5 Questions That Inspire
5 Questions That InspireOctober 25, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Securing a Child's Heart
Securing a Child's HeartOctober 25, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 11
Unity Through Christ - 11October 21, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Our Eyes Are On You
Our Eyes Are On YouOctober 18, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Revive Us Again
Revive Us AgainOctober 18, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 10
Unity Through Christ - 10October 15, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
The Excellence of Love
The Excellence of LoveOctober 11, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 9
Unity Through Christ - 9October 07, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
One in a Million
One in a MillionOctober 04, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Wisdom from Above
Wisdom from AboveOctober 04, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 8
Unity Through Christ - 8September 30, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
Justified by Jesus
Justified by JesusSeptember 25, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 7
Unity Through Christ - 7September 23, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
4 Questions That Matter
4 Questions That MatterSeptember 20, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
By Your Standard of Measure
By Your Standard of MeasureSeptember 20, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
One-Way Christianity
One-Way ChristianitySeptember 16, 2020byDan LankfordWatch/Listen
The Truth About Our Differences
The Truth About Our DifferencesSeptember 15, 2020byDan LankfordWatch/Listen
To the One on the Throne
To the One on the ThroneSeptember 14, 2020byDan LankfordWatch/Listen
"I Am the LORD Your God"
"I Am the LORD Your God"September 13, 2020byDan LankfordWatch/Listen
Different Times, Same Good News
Different Times, Same Good NewsSeptember 13, 2020byDan LankfordWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 6
Unity Through Christ - 6September 09, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
Above the Fog
Above the FogSeptember 06, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Simple Life
The Simple LifeSeptember 06, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 5
Unity Through Christ - 5September 02, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
The Bridge Home
The Bridge HomeAugust 30, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
A Lifelong Sermon
A Lifelong SermonAugust 30, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 4
Unity Through Christ - 4August 26, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
You Be the Judge
You Be the JudgeAugust 23, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 3
Unity Through Christ - 3August 19, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
One Terrible Choice
One Terrible ChoiceAugust 16, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 2
Unity Through Christ - 2August 12, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
Reaching Higher
Reaching HigherAugust 09, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Unity Through Christ - 1
Unity Through Christ - 1August 05, 2020byBrad SullinsWatch/Listen
Can I See Some ID
Can I See Some IDAugust 02, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Unlocking Joy - To Live Is Christ
Unlocking Joy - To Live Is ChristAugust 02, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Responding to Failure
Responding to FailureJuly 26, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Evil Has a Purpose
Evil Has a PurposeJuly 26, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Zeal - Tend Your Fire
Zeal - Tend Your FireJuly 20, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Most Dangerous Creature
The Most Dangerous CreatureJuly 19, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Loving Others
Loving OthersJuly 15, 2020byNathan CaldwellWatch/Listen
Evil Has an Objective
Evil Has an ObjectiveJuly 12, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Lies that Blind
The Lies that BlindJuly 12, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Summer Series - Roger Polanco
Summer Series - Roger PolancoJuly 08, 2020byRoger PolancoWatch/Listen
I Have Overcome the World
I Have Overcome the WorldJuly 05, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Life-Long Zeal: Spread Your Fire
Life-Long Zeal: Spread Your FireJuly 05, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Summer Series - Gianni Berdini
Summer Series - Gianni BerdiniJuly 01, 2020byGianni BerdiniWatch/Listen
Evil Has A Name
Evil Has A NameJune 28, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Things Which Make Peace
The Things Which Make PeaceJune 28, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Life-Long Zeal: Use Your Fire
Life-Long Zeal: Use Your FireJune 21, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Entrusted to My Care
Entrusted to My CareJune 21, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Church Family
Church FamilyJune 21, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord?
Why Do You Call Me Lord, Lord?June 14, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Lure of the Easy Way
The Lure of the Easy WayJune 14, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Live Like You Were Dying
Live Like You Were DyingJune 07, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Life-Long Zeal: Ignite Your Fire
Life-Long Zeal: Ignite Your FireMay 24, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Perfect Patience of Jesus
The Perfect Patience of JesusMay 17, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Story of Mary
Story of MaryMay 10, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Life Long Zeal: Seven Steps
Life Long Zeal: Seven StepsMay 10, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Life-Long Zeal: Intro
Life-Long Zeal: IntroMay 06, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
I Sat Where They Sat
I Sat Where They SatApril 26, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
2020 Vision: If You Can
2020 Vision: If You CanApril 19, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Hinge of History
The Hinge of HistoryApril 12, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Which Is the Greatest Commandment?
Which Is the Greatest Commandment?April 12, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Macedonian Grace
Macedonian GraceApril 05, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Patterns in Acts: Discipleship
Patterns in Acts: DiscipleshipApril 01, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Minor Prophets (Micah)
Minor Prophets (Micah)March 25, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Spiritual Wellness
Spiritual WellnessMarch 22, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Today Is the Day
Today Is the DayMarch 08, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Tomorrow Is the Challenge
Tomorrow Is the ChallengeMarch 08, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Limits and Liberties
Limits and LibertiesFebruary 23, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Prayer that Works
Prayer that WorksFebruary 17, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Why We Disagree
Why We DisagreeFebruary 16, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Finding Common Ground
Finding Common GroundFebruary 02, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
I Surrender Some
I Surrender SomeFebruary 02, 2020byBubba GarnerWatch/Listen
My Hearts Testing
My Hearts TestingJanuary 26, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The God Who Sees
The God Who SeesJanuary 26, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Boasting Only in the Cross
Boasting Only in the CrossJanuary 19, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Consumer or Contributor
Consumer or ContributorJanuary 12, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
2020 Vision
2020 VisionJanuary 05, 2020byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
4 Prayers 1 Promise
4 Prayers 1 PromiseJanuary 05, 2020byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Sow the Right Seeds
Sow the Right SeedsDecember 29, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Heaven Bound: Heaven Not Earth
Heaven Bound: Heaven Not EarthDecember 29, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Heaven Bound: Trash or Treasure
Heaven Bound: Trash or TreasureDecember 22, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Dollars and Sense
Dollars and SenseDecember 01, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Great Mercy of God
Great Mercy of GodNovember 24, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Thanks and Giving
Thanks and GivingNovember 24, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Meet Your Father
Meet Your FatherNovember 18, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
What Silence Says
What Silence SaysNovember 17, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Faith that Pleases God
Faith that Pleases GodOctober 13, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Heaven Bound: When Giants Fall
Heaven Bound: When Giants FallOctober 13, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Temptation to be Timid
Temptation to be TimidOctober 06, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Trends & Choices
Trends & ChoicesSeptember 29, 2019byDavid Banning & Jeff WilsonWatch/Listen
The Problem of Suffering
The Problem of SufferingSeptember 29, 2019byDavid Banning & Jeff WilsonWatch/Listen
What God Really Wants
What God Really WantsSeptember 22, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Heaven Bound: Final Exams
Heaven Bound: Final ExamsSeptember 22, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
If Our Hearts Don't Condemn Us
If Our Hearts Don't Condemn UsSeptember 15, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Corrosion of Covetousness
The Corrosion of CovetousnessSeptember 15, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Water Makes Things New
Water Makes Things NewSeptember 01, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Running For Your Life
Running For Your LifeAugust 25, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Hidden in Plain Sight
Hidden in Plain SightAugust 25, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Work in Progress
Work in ProgressAugust 18, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
One Talent Too Many
One Talent Too ManyAugust 18, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
More with Us
More with UsAugust 18, 2019byRuss BowmanWatch/Listen
Three Tough Truths
Three Tough TruthsAugust 04, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
RomaniaJuly 28, 2019byKerry KeenanWatch/Listen
Jonah: See Jonah Pout
Jonah: See Jonah PoutJuly 28, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The First and Last King
The First and Last KingJuly 24, 2019byBill SanchezWatch/Listen
Jonah: See Jonah Preach
Jonah: See Jonah PreachJuly 21, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Jonah: See Jonah Pray
Jonah: See Jonah PrayJuly 14, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Return to Sender
Return to SenderJuly 10, 2019byBenjamin LeeWatch/Listen
Making Worship Matter
Making Worship MatterJuly 07, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
RuthJuly 03, 2019byJason DickeyWatch/Listen
Wise in God's Eyes
Wise in God's EyesJune 30, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Mirror for Your Heart
Mirror for Your HeartJune 23, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
The Next Step
The Next StepJune 23, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
A Temple You Can't Build
A Temple You Can't BuildJune 16, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Am I Too Bad to Be Saved?
Am I Too Bad to Be Saved?June 12, 2019byShane ScottWatch/Listen
King of Kings
King of KingsJune 02, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Two Fatal Heart Defects
Two Fatal Heart DefectsMay 19, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Food Which Parishes
Food Which ParishesMay 12, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
When You Can't Go On...
When You Can't Go On...April 14, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Early Years
The Early YearsApril 14, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Making the Most of Invite-A-Friend
Making the Most of Invite-A-FriendApril 07, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Rising Above Low Expectations
Rising Above Low ExpectationsApril 07, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Preparing for the Adventure
Preparing for the AdventureApril 07, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Living in a Single Moment
Living in a Single MomentMarch 31, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
In, But Not Of
In, But Not OfMarch 24, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Church of Your Choice
Church of Your ChoiceMarch 24, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Questions For a Tuesday
Questions For a TuesdayMarch 17, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
The Happiness Marketplace
The Happiness MarketplaceMarch 17, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Let the Bible Speak
Let the Bible SpeakMarch 10, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
God's Eternal Covenant
God's Eternal CovenantMarch 03, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
Teen Weekend
Teen WeekendFebruary 24, 2019byNathan CaldwellWatch/Listen
People in Your Life
People in Your LifeFebruary 17, 2019byDon TruexWatch/Listen
Resurrection as Hope
Resurrection as HopeFebruary 10, 2019byJason DickeyWatch/Listen
A Meal at the Pharisees House
A Meal at the Pharisees HouseFebruary 10, 2019byJustin HesterWatch/Listen
What Do You Treasure
What Do You TreasureFebruary 03, 2019byJonathan BanningWatch/Listen
HabitsFebruary 03, 2019byJason HardinWatch/Listen