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Life is Hard

Failing or broken relationshipsBad choices that haunt usSelf-doubt and insecurities

Jesus is the Answer, We Can Help

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We aren't perfect and don't pretend to be. We are a church family of genuine people who rely on God's abundant grace and try to be more like Jesus every day. And if you're not perfect either, you'll fit right in.

We’ve Been Where You Are.
 If We Can, So Can You.

We are a people who have been right where you are and who found purpose, deeper relationships, and a better life through following Jesus.

There's a Place for You

Every phase of life brings its own challenges and blessings.  No matter where in life you are, the Temple Terrace Church family is here to help you discover God’s purpose and live the meaningful life God made you for.

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The college years are the foundation for the rest of your life, and we want to help you build that firm foundation on Christ. We have a lot to offer you: Bible studies focused on practical topics, student-led signings and devotionals, opportunities to build deep relationships in people’s homes, shepherds who care for you, and lots of opportunities to serve.

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Find hope and hands-on wisdom for everyday challenges

Taking a Good Look at our Good GodTaking a Good Look at our Good God
Heart & Soul Of ChristianityHeart & Soul Of Christianity
Trusting God With Marvelous ThingsTrusting God With Marvelous Things

3 Simple Steps to a Better You

1. Plan Your Visit

Let us know you're coming so we can help make your first experience with us a great one.

3. Devote Your Life to Jesus

Commit to following Jesus in order to find healing, purpose, and become the person that you were made to be.

Lives in Tampa Transformed by the Good News of Jesus

So many talented teachers and amazing people. I leave feeling spiritually nourished every Sunday.

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Ryan Curfman

Best group of Christians hands down. Seeking to accurately follow God’s commands and worship him. Building each other up. We are one big family!

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Cameron Purvis

Bible based, family oriented, non denominational, congregational singing - trust you will feel welcomed.

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Cathy Parks

Warm and loving group of Christians busy doing good and spreading the good news. Carries out God's plan through the Bible.

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Hannah Nichols

Temple Terrace is a great church family with friendly members and inspiring sermons.

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Marcus Tarver

My favorite church I have been to. So many wonderful people here and they are all so welcoming and nice!

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Rody Davis

Stories of Faith and Fellowship

Simple, Uncomplicated Christianity - Kieran MurphySimple, Uncomplicated Christianity - Kieran Murphy
Discovering Your God Given Purpose - Jim HarbaughDiscovering Your God Given Purpose - Jim Harbaugh
Bad Choices That Haunt Us - Meredith HammontreeBad Choices That Haunt Us - Meredith Hammontree
Becoming Who You Were Made To Be - Kevin KellyBecoming Who You Were Made To Be - Kevin Kelly
Genuine, Imperfect People - Jay DuffGenuine, Imperfect People - Jay Duff
Genuine, Imperfect People - Emily McConnaughyGenuine, Imperfect People - Emily McConnaughy
Developing Deeper Relationships - Ethan FinleyDeveloping Deeper Relationships - Ethan Finley

Stop Settling, You Were Made for More